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Reduce Tax and Increase Profits now. For the best tax and business advice, ring and arrange an obligation free meeting to discuss the possibilities.

Want some help; some practical, down-to-earth, smart advice? At Noel May & Associates we understand what that you want, a straight-forward answer with no hedging.

Whether it’s business planning, growth strategies, structuring, retirement advice or just some tax questions, we can draw on years of practical experience to provide the right answer for you.

For a considered second opinion on all matters, both financial and commercial, contact us. We are experienced in the provision of accounting and business management advice concentrating on regular reporting and analysis, in order to monitor progress and success.

Noel May – Tax, Business & Succession Advisor Noel May has over 38 years experience as an accountant and more than 27 years as a business owner.
Noel is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

I am a business advisor, dealing primarily with planning, direction and strategy matters. I’ll spend time with you to gain a full understanding of your current business and why you are doing it all; what you want out of life. One of the few upsides of being around for a while is that you gain a lot of experience with different clients in different industries. I can give you a considered second opinion on all matters, both financial and commercial.

I focus on providing accounting and business management advice. I try to get my clients to adopt some regular reporting and analysis of their results, in order to monitor their own progress and success. Planning for all aspects of your business is essential. I have a proven track record in assisting businesses to plan and manage their future, growth and expansion.

I’ve had extensive experience in the area of franchising, advising both franchisors and franchisees.  I’ve developed and advised on many franchise systems, established benchmarking and standard accounting systems, structured and performed pre-acceptance business acumen/viability tests on franchisees and advised on efficient taxation models. I’ve counselled franchisees on the merits of particular franchise investments, installed accounting systems and performance monitoring measures, as well at attended to the associated ASIC and ATO statutory requirements.

One of the roles I enjoy the most is the area of Business Succession and Exit Strategies, helping business owners maximize their payout when exiting their business.  You can control the succession process rather than have it control you.  I’ll help you with planning the exit, maximising the business worth before a sale, negotiations if needs be, devising shareholder agreements, advising on the correct business structures, minimising the tax effect and preparing finance submissions and insurance cover to make sure the exit happens.

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Amanda Klye – Accounting, Bookkeeping & MYOB specialist Amanda Klye has
over 6 years experience as an accountant dealing one-on-one with clients.

Amanda’s experience, maturity and professionalism, equips her well to interpret clients needs, devise appropriate solutions and deliver the right results.

Amanda prides herself on exceeding client expectations, whether it is in the timeliness of delivery on projects or pro-actively offering specialist advice when the situation requires.

She is experienced in the provision of operational advice on accounting, tax compliance and business matters.

Amanda promotes the discipline and importance of regular reporting and analysis of your financial position. Only then can you make informed business decisions, after weighing all the alternatives.

Amanda is an accomplished small business advisor.

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Alice Ge - Tax Accountant Cheltenham  Alice Ge – Specialist in tax returns for individuals.  General bookkeeping and accounting.

Alice Ge has completed a Master in Accounting and has over 4 years experience as an accountant.  She has recently completed a specialist course in taxation for individuals and business.

Alice offers exceptional, timely, specialised and personal attention whether she’s acting as a taxation and business advisor, being responsible for overall tax compliance, or whether she’s planning, structuring and optimising a client’s tax position within the tax legislation.

She specialises in providing taxation services to individuals and small and medium enterprises, as well as high net worth individuals. She works with a diverse range of individuals in industries including manufacturing, retail and property construction.

Alice is a clear thinker, analytical and organised.

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