$500 from the Government – for FREE!!

What, the government is giving money away?  I’ll have some of that please.

If you’re eligible, and make a personal after-tax contribution of up to $1,000 into your superannuation fund by 30 June 2014, the government matches it 50c for every $1. With up to $500 in government co-contributions, it’s a free gift from the government.

It’s an initiative designed to assist people who earn under $33,517 per annum.  For you, the full $500 is paid into your fund.  But you can even earn up to $48,516 per annum and still received a scaled down amount, for free.

Your contribution is not a tax deduction to you, but on the other side the fund does not charge tax on the amounts received.

I don’t know of any other investment that you can make that yields a 50% return, with no risk.

For more information, give Amanda or Erina a call on 9585 7555 or email Amanda atamanda@noelmay.com.au

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