94% will get Tax Refunds in 14 days – says the ATO

ATO issues Tips for Tax Time 2011

The ATO says “We are opening our systems to accept income tax return lodgements earlier than in previous years, but full production processing of 2011 income tax returns will not start until 6 July 2011.

It is important to let your clients know that while we plan to process 94% of individual electronic returns within 14 days, there are valid reasons why we may not meet this timeframe for some returns.”

The ATO says “As we process returns, we will alert you to any issues that arise which will cause delays to the issue of refunds or assessments. To help us do this, we will be meeting weekly with tax practitioner representatives to share our progress during tax time. We will also publish weekly online updates, including our processing performance, from July to the end of October 2011 to keep you and the public informed.”

So get your return in early and reap the benefits.  Call 03 9585 7556 and ask for Amanda or email us.

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