Scammers are constantly trying to separate you from your hard earned dollars.  Below is one of the better ones that crossed our desk today.  An email supposedly from the ATO which came with the official ATO letterhead and with an on-line form to fill out and send back to the […]

Client H asks: I want to buy an Excavator worth $250,000, a pneumatic hammer worth $19,500 and an excavator bucket which costs about $18,500. My total spend will add to $288,000 plus GST.  I’ve heard something about getting a deduction for purchases under $20,000. What can I claim? Noel says: […]

From 31 July 2015, Commonwealth penalty units will increase from $170 to $180.  “So what” you say, “I can live with $180”.  It’s not as easy at that. Penalty for failing to lodge (FTL) a document on time When you must lodge a document and fail to lodge that document […]

Client “B” asks: “I currently work in the design team at a major company. In August there is a conference in Brisbane that is pitched at our industry. Previously the team has been funded to attend this conference, but this year we are being encouraged to self-fund. Can the conference […]