Business Succession

Is Transferring Your Business to the Family Member a Viable Option?



Does your family business…

  • have a written Business Plan
  • have a written Succession Plan
  • regularly update the Succession Plan, at least every five years
  • have an formal Board or advisory group
  • have an Organisation Chart
  • prepare and update a SWOT Analysis
  • have written job descriptions, including your position
  • measure employee performance
  • have strong management
  • have a recent independent valuation of your business
  • have a potential buyer for your business
  • require you to work more than 50 hours a week
  • allow you to strategize for more than 5 hours a week

Personally, do you…

  • have a will
  • have disability insurance
  • have ample life insurance
  • consider yourself financially secure
  • rely upon your business to generate retirement funds
  • feel comfortable that your family can run your business
  • feel that you can let go of your business
  • consider the success of your business or successful family relationships more important

As for your family, do you…

  • feel that your spouse could run the business if something happened to you
  • feel your family understands the demands of leadership
  • have any concerns about maintaining family harmony between those that succeed you & those that don’t
  • have children that confide in you on personal matters
  • not have any children with substance abuse/psychological problems
  • have a family Business Plan
  • have formal family business meetings
  • employ family members
  • employ spouses of family members
  • have written prerequisites/qualifications/experience for hiring of family/spouse members
  • have the same work rules for family/spouse and non-family employees
  • pay your family/spouse market wages for their work
  • have open communications with your family/spouse employees

Noel Mayis a qualified succession management advisor who can help you identify whether transferring your business to family members is your best succession strategy or whether you should seriously consider other options.
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